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We are a pop up permanent jewelry company. 

Local to Florida festivals and events

About Us

We are a Florida based mobile permanent jewelry company, find us at your local festivals, bars/restaurants, concerts, and events. 

Permanent Jewelry is an original way to remind yourself of someone special, a significant life event, or a commitment you’ve made. Our jewelry is custom made to your liking and will last as long as you want it to.

Permanent jewelry is a fun and exciting experience — like getting a tattoo but with a different type of commitment. We think you’ll love your bracelet, anklet, or necklace as much as you love the meaning behind it.



We offer gold plated, silver plated, copper, stainless steal, .925 sterling silver, 14K Gold Filled, and 14K Rose Gold Filled chains. 

Pricing starts at $30 and goes up to $85 depending on the quality of the chain and the piece you are getting. 
We offer bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. 

You can also BYOC (BRING YOUR OWN CHAIN) and we will weld it for you. 


AGE REQUIREMENT? We require all guest to be at least 2 years old and able to sit through the service safely to receive Permanent Jewelry services.

HOW TO CARE FOR MY PERMANENT JEWELRY? Use a gentle cleanser such as Dawn soap to remove body oils and debris built up on the jewelry.

It’s best to avoid any harsh chemicals, scrubs, perfumes and lotions directly on the jewelry.

HOW DO I REMOVE MY JEWELRY? Your jewelry can easily be removed if needed at home using wire cutters or scissors. Cut right at the weld to prevent damage to the chain in case you want to get it rewelded. 

MY JEWELRY BROKE, CAN IT BE FIXED? We do offer one complimentary reweld. If the jewelry is deemed unrepairable OR lost, a new chain will need to be purchased.

HOW LONG WILL MY JEWELRY LAST? Though our jewelry is meant to be lived in, it is not indestructible. How long your jewelry last will depend on multiple factors such as lifestyle, care, your body’s ph balance and activities you are involved in.

WHAT IS YOUR EXCHANGE/RETURN POLICY? Due to the nature of our services, we do not accept returns or exchanges on any of our Permanent Jewelry including charms & connectors. We do not offer replacements on lost jewelry.